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Civil Multimedia Network

For the future of civilization

New International news network designed for the people, by the people of the conscious evolution..


CMM is dedicated to give a meaningful forum for those who are choosing or building a path towards a conscious evolution; and seek cooperation in any of the following twelve categories areas of life/    


CMM World

CMM, as a functioning media and building a contact organization, is constantly assisting members in organizing and sustaining self-preservation and community existence.

Civil Multimedia Network

About us

The legal background of the community is provided by Civil MultiMedia Public Nonprofit Ltd.


Civil-created, grass-roots, media organized and maintained by the Hungarian society is the Civil MultiMedia Creativity Community. The Media Public Nonprofit Kft. Maintains the changing habits of the population, the rebuilding of the Hungarian economy, and the independence of the Hungarian economy. The organization of small communities is to create an organic society leaving a bottom-up, Western-pattern legal system, multinational trade, and interest-based money system.

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